The Cobra 2000 GTL is considered by many as the Cadillac of the CB radios. It was first manufactured in Taiwan in 1978, then in The Philippines until 1994. It is unique in a number of ways. The radio has a built in frequency counter and clock. The radio can be set by the clock to turn on at the desired time along with an alarm if desired.


The chassis is an MB 8719, but uses an MB 8734 Phase Lock Loop (PLL) to limit any frequency expansion. The MB 8719 and MB 8734 are interchangeable except pin 10 must not be grounded on the MB 8734. The radio must use an external speaker; no internal speaker is provided.


The Cobra 2000 GTL is the same radio as the mobile Cobra 148 GTL except the Cobra 148 GTL comes with an MB 8719 PLL and has a mixing crystal of 11.3258 MHz already installed. The Cobra 2000 GTL comes with an 11.3250 MHz crystal, which is not a problem unless the voice-lock is opened. In this case the Upper Sideband will not align at top dead center. This is not a problem if moving the voice-lock slightly to tune in the radio is not an issue to the operator.


The radios may have a maximum peak output from 14 to 24 watts. Each radio is different; it is a fallacy that a radio manufactured in one country is any better than one manufactured in the other. There is no consistency when it comes to a Cobra 2000’s output power. The average 2000 will put out 17 watts peak.


When purchasing a Cobra 2000 GTL on eBay it is important to make sure the frequency counter is working. This part was manufactured by a separate vendor and is the hardest part to repair and the most costly. The counter uses a double sided clad board and parts that are no longer manufactured. During manufacturing only one counter was made for each radio. No spares were produced during manufacturing. A typical price for a working counter is $85 to $95.


The service manual for this radio is: Sam's Photo Facts # 251


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