Cobra 29 LTD Audio Chips


There are three different audio chip versions for the Cobra 29 LTD series. The first audio chip used for many years is the popular TA-7222AP a 10 pin frequency compensated audio chip.The complete pin-out for the TA-7222AP is provided below. The output power is rated at 5.8 watts.



Pin-Out for TA7222AP. The cross reference is NTE1278

1) The supply voltage 13.8 v

2) Ripple filter voltage 2.95 v

3) No Connection voltage 0 v

4) Input voltage 0 v

5) Feedback loop voltage 1.84 v

6) Gain adjust voltage 1.85 v

7) Ground chassis

8) Ground chassis

9) Output voltage 6.8 v

10) Bootstrap voltage 13.1 v


The second version has a different pin-out and can not be used as a direct replacement. At this time I do not know what the complete pin-out is, but the output is pin 10. It is a 10 pin frequency compensated audio chip. The number on the chip is YD-1022.


The third version is the popular TDA 2003. This is a 5 pin audio chip. I have never seen this chip used in a CB radio until recently. The pin-out consists of an inverted input, a non-inverted input, an output, a supply (13.8 volts) and a ground pin. There is no frequency compensation circuit, and I have found that the toys and modifications that work well in the first two 10 pin audio chips may create problems in radios with the TDA 2003.; especially RF (radio frequencies).


More information will be added.



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