IFR -1200


The IFR-1200 is a spectrum analyzer capable of operating from 1,000 hertz to 999.999 MHz. It is a must when aligning sideband radios. The IFR-1200 also has features that are not needed when repairing CB radios. The most popular feature is the PL “Private Line” tone generator. This allows the unit to test commercial and Ham radios.


With the spectrum screen one can view a radio’s bandwidth and its relationship to other radio signals within the test radio’s band. This unit has more features that can be added at a later time for specialized tests. It also has the ability to transmit on AM, Sideband, and FM. The IFR-1200 has a                                                                  built in 1,000 hertz tone generator. It operates both analog and digital                                                                  readouts.



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